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Basic overview of the features of the Luci flight controller

Hello, thanks for trying out Luci!

Luci is an advanced flight controller designed to add networking and advanced capabilities to drone platforms. The main features include:

  • PX4 Autopilot stack support. Learn why we chose PX4 as Luci's default firmware.
  • Dual processor for reliability and redundancy.
  • Linux level programming for easy application development.
  • Real-time control through REST API.
  • Automatic flight data and sensor syncing with Dronesmith Cloud.
Luci - Rev F

Luci - Rev F

Dual processor architecture

Flight Core - The flight core handles all aspects of real time flight control. Luci runs a customized fork of PX4 Firmware to handle the flight control.

Edison - The Edison provides higher order compute functionality. Uses of the Edison include controlling the drone, data collection, execution of custom code, plotting flight paths, and numerous other tasks.

The processors are linked together via a UART connection at a 921600 baud rate. The flight core can be accessed on the Edison as /dev/ttyMFD1.

Technical Data


  • 86 mm x 54 mm x 12.35 mm (3.39 in x 2.13 in x 0.49 in)

Flight Management Unit (FMU)

  • CPU: 32-bit STM32F427 Cortex M4-F @ 168 MHz
  • Memory: 256 KB RAM
  • Storage: 2 MB Flash (SD expandable)

Co-Pilot - Intel Edison Compute Module

  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • CPU: Dual core Atom Processor @ 500 MHz
  • Memory: LPDDR3 1 GB
  • Storage: 4 GB EMMC (SD expandable)


  • On-board connections:
    • 2x UART (Telemetry and GPS)
    • 1x I²C
    • Spektrum-IN
    • PPM/S.Bus-IN
    • 6x Servo outputs
    • 2x microSD slot (FMU, Edison)
    • 3x USB (1x FMU debug, 1x Edison debug, 1x Edison storage)
  • Expansion port:
    • FMU
      • 2x ADC
      • 1x CAN
      • 1x I²C
      • 1x SPI
      • 1x UART
    • Edison
      • 2x I²C
      • 1x I²S
      • 1x SPI
      • 13x GPIO (4x PWM capable)
      • USB (Host)

On-board sensors

  • MPU-9250 (3D Acc/Gyro/Mag)
  • LSM9DS0 (3D Acc/Gyro/Mag)
  • MS5611 (Barometer)


Basic overview of the features of the Luci flight controller