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Add MAVLink Output

If you click the the Add MAVLink Output button you can output the MAVLink telemetry sent from the flight core to a custom location via UDP.

By default, Dronesmith Engine will output MAVLink telemetry to the address, so any program running on the Luci can internally tap into the telemetry. The pipe is bidirectional, so you can send commands to the flight core as well.

A typical use case of this feature is to pipe telemetry wirelessly to a ground control station through your local network, avoiding the need for a traditional telemetry radio. To do so add your computer's local IP address with a port number in the format <local IP>:<port> to the list of MAVLink outputs. Next, configure your ground control software to connect to that address.

The outputs are saved and will be available in the view after adding them. There's no limit other that CPU performance for how many you can add.

Status Indicators

Each status indicator will either have a red light or a green light depending on its status.

Trouble shooting

I'm not getting any status light, and there's a red bar over my page, but DS Link otherwise works as expected.

The most likely case is that DS Link failed to update an internal IP address it uses for its real time data updates. This usually happens because the Edison's WIFI fails to initialize until after DS Link has already loaded. To verify this is the case, open your browser's developer console (for Chrome, click the the three dots icon in the top right corner, go to "more tools" and select "developer tools.") You should see a an error that DS Link cannot load the a certain address in red, as shown below:

To fix this, you'll want to change DS Link's --status flag and replace the $b with your Edison's wifi IP address (ex: You can run ifconfig wlan0 to see your IP address.

Keep in mind DS Link is still in alpha and subject to rapid change, so be sure you keep up to date with the latest version of DS Link for various improvements and fixes.

Dronesmith Cloud

This indicates your connection status with cloud.dronesmith.io. If your drone is running disconnected from the internet, or you have not authenticated with Dronesmith Cloud, this will be red. Otherwise, this will be green.

Flight Controller

Indicates the overall control status of Luci's flight core. This indicates the current flight control mode, and if Luci is armed or not. This should always be green so long as DS Link is getting a signal from the flight core. If this is red, verify your flight core is working properly, and verify that DS Link is connected to /dev/ttyMFD1.

Flight Commander

Indicates additional peripherals and other status information. This should always be green, just like above.


This indicates Luci's power and battery status. This should almost always be green. If it's red, please check to ensure Luci is receiving adequate supply of power.


This shows the health and status of Luci's internal intertial measurement unit (IMU). In particular, it details the raw readings of the gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, and barometer. If the sensors light is green, Luci is getting healthy IMU data. If it is red, there is an issue with your IMU. Please verify that Luci has at least one sensor driver running.


This shows the status of the motor control information. You can use this verify flight patterns before doing test flights. This will be green whenever Luci is properly configured for an airframe. Otherwise, it will be red.


Shows attitude information in euler angles. This should be green as long the sensors light is green. If it's red, verify that an attitude estimator is running in the firmware.

Attitude Controller

Shows current attitude set points used to update the motors. This should be green so long as Luci is configured for an airframe and there are no problems with the IMU or attitude indicators.


Shows current altitude information, normalized across multiple sensors. This should be green so long as Luci has at least one altitude sensor connected to it. Since Luci comes with an internal barometer, this should always be green so long as the barometer is working properly.

Radio Control

Shows the current radio control input values, expressed as PWM timings. If there is no radio control input, this light will be red. If you have radio control running but the light is still red, verify that your transmitter is properly bound to its receiver, and make sure your wiring is set up properly.

Local Position

Shows Luci's estimated local position. Luci relies on inertia or "dead ringing" to track its location by default, but additional range finders and other sensors can help improve this. This light should be green so long as Luci's IMU is functioning properly. If it is red, ensure a position estimator is running in the firmware.


Shows the status of a GPS peripheral connected to Luci, including raw latitude and longitude, altitude expressed relative to mean atmospheric sea level, and number of locked satellites. If no GPS is connected to Luci, this will be red. If there is a GPS connected and this is still red, verify that you are using a UBX supported GPS.

Global Position

Shows Luci's current global position. This will be green if Luci has a global positioning device, such as a GPS sending it positioning data. Will be red otherwise.

Position Controller

Indicates Luci's position target; where it wants to travel to. This will be green if Luci is performing kind of position control, such as waypoint mission, and will be red otherwise.

Raw Output and Generic Messages

If you'd like to view the raw MAVLink telemetry from Luci, you can also toggle the raw output. Messages that were received are shown with their name and arguments within them. For messages that DS Link does not handle directly, they will be listed under generic and begin with their MAVLink message number, follow by the raw binary data, expressed as a base64 value.

Status Page