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Dronesmith Tools

Overview of the tools in Dronesmith Suite

Dronesmith API
The Dronesmith API is an HTTP requests based API that allows you to quickly create software that controls and monitors drones. You can test your code on virtual drones that are built into the API and then use the same code to control a real drone.

Luci Flight Controller

The Luci flight controller pairs a PX4 compatible FMU (Flight Management Unit) with an Intel Edison Linux computer. Higher level applications and user code run on the Intel Edison while the FMU handles real time flight control. This setup allows Luci to safely run your applications without compromising flight stability.

Luci provides common interface support including UART, USB, I²C, and SPI. Luci can be configured for GPS control, optical flow, gimbals, cameras, and other advanced sensor technologies.

Dronesmith Engine

Dronesmith Engine is the surrogate application between your drone and Dronesmith Cloud. It is installed on Luci's Intel Edison, or other compatible companion computers, and it allows for communication between the Flight Management Unit, application sensors, and the Dronesmith Cloud

Dronesmith Engine provides a quick status web page to see current information such as sensor readouts, attitude, control information, etc. It provides easy access for multiple apps to connect to the flight core via MAVLink data pipes. These data pipes (known as outputs) can be used to connect a MAVLink compatible Ground Control Station, such as QGroundControl, to your Luci, or to provides access to onboard apps. Finally, Dronesmith Engine connects with the cloud, where it can upload and sync flights and sensor data from Luci to be stored on the cloud, accessed via our REST API.

Dronesmith Tools

Overview of the tools in Dronesmith Suite